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Loch Ness

What We Do

Our journey through the past together will be moulded around your historic interests and preferred locations. We would then customize your experience around the kind of presentation or performance you desire. Our passion for discovering real stories about real people from the past can be woven into the journey you can have with us.

Examples of our exciting and thoroughly researched presentations are listed below.


Living History Performances
Guided Tours
Weapons/Clothing Demonstrations
School Visits
Publicity Photoshoots
TV and Film Production
Voice Work
Historical/Military Advisor
Corporate Events
Clan Gatherings
Wedding Events
Private Parties

Time Periods Covered


13th and Early 14th Century

15th Century

Scottish Wars of Independence

Scots Fighting in France

Wars of the Roses


Early to Mid-16th Century

Flodden Wars

Wars Against the MacDonald's



Late 17th Century

Early to Mid-18th Century

Mid-19th Century

Jacobite Wars

Clan Warfare/Culture

18th Century British Army

Siege Warfare


Lord John Comyn

Sir Simon Fraser, the Patriot

King John Balliol

Constable of the Castle

Castle Guard

Flodden Soldier

Fully Armoured Knight

Jacobite Highlander/Lowlander

Redcoat Soldier

Black Watch Soldier

Highland Clansman

Highland Militia

Rob Roy Macgregor


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